The following pieces informed by my book Five Gifts Flourishing provide insight into key areas of concern and assist in refining our capacity to embody our gifts

The gift of charity

What do you do when a beggar asks you for some spare change? Do you ignore them, tell them you don’t have change, engage with them or perhaps take them for a cup of coffee or a feed? Are you charitable towards them?

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Observing Differently

In preparing to write Five Gifts Flourishing, I dissected my over thirty years’ experience helping organisations and individuals to change. Consistently I found that a willingness to view the self or the environment from more than just one perspective was essential if change and transformation were to occur...

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Discover your gifts

My interpretation based on over thirty years of work in personal and organisational transformation is that we all have personal gifts. These gifts may be informed by our identity, our values, our personalities, our professions, our children, our spirituality or simply by who we choose to be in the moment...

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Take control of your life.

2020 was the year that we all in some way lost control of our lives. Uncertainty existed at every turn and the phrase 'It is as it is' was as commonplace as Carlton Draught in a country pub.

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