Introducing Five Gifts Flourishing, an inspiring book.

No one wants to say they wasted their life or led a life that was at best ordinary. Five Gifts Flourishing is a unique book that allows you to discover your own gifts. When you fully realise these gifts this will contribute to your meaning and accomplishment in life.

Reactions across the world to Five Gifts Flourishing.

“Overall I loved the book and the stories were rich and so heartfelt. An amazing, creative and useful guide for individuals to find their meaning in life.” Laura Hess. U.S.A

“I have now read it twice, once over a period of 4 weeks and again from conver to cover in the last 2 days. I enjoyed it thoroughly and found it thought provoking.” Linda Hardy. UK

“I feel privileged to be watching this gift you are sharing unfold. I am enjoying your book immensely.” Helen Mc Lucas. Australia

“I truly beleive this book could grow legs and become super succesful. Love your stories.” Simon Hauser. Australia

“You have captured a nuanced performance of a spirit in action one rarely has the opportunity to see oneself as others see us.” John Williams. UK

Video Shorts for Five Gifts Flourishing.

The following videos provide you with a wee taste of the book and its possibilities for you.

The Importance of Values.

In this video, the author introduces you to values, just one of the elements that will help you to define your gifts.