A small selection of poetry written over the past twenty plus years, mainly written to perform.  I was surprised by some of my earlier pieces that I recently revisited, better than I remember. 


At Auskick we just love our footy

Not soccer, hockey, pilates or Tai Chi,

It’s footy that’s our number one

We play it watched by mum and mum


There’s Wazza and the Auskick Team

Who learn us how to live our dream

Of playing at the MCG

Or Etihad, perhaps Sydney.


We do do some drills I think I saw

Three goals, how could it be a draw.

We sing some songs, of Tige’s and Blues

Cats, dog’s demons and interstate dudes.


Amongst the stripes of Kangaroos,

Are Woodsmen giving Saints their dues,

But most of all it’s all real good

At Auskick in our neighborhood.


I do need my ethics

I don’t need accountants to tell me I’m fair

Especially those who declare they are fair

I don’t need a policy on values or trust

Or statements of standards, I don’t need them much


I don’t need a score on a triple bottom line

Just ask my kids they’ tell you we’re fine

I don’t need to hide what I should pay in tax

I don’t need a shredder to shred up the facts


Don’t need governance training to learn to be true

But need authenticity to truly be true

I am a father, son husband and leader

Ethics to me are more than a feature.


I do need my ethics, embodied in me

They guide me to be fundamentally me.


My friends the Poems


I know a lot of poems they are my friends

They help me deal with sticky odds and ends

Bits of life that don’t quite work out right

Folks I love to hate and love despite


They’re good friends not the one’s you never ring

The one’s who grant permission to my thing

The one’s that help me when I feel like shit

Make sure my path is safe and gently lit


I’d consider some to be the best of mates

Prepared to give the time it sometimes takes

To shoot the breeze, to listen not to talk

To lift me up when I can barely walk.


I bait my friends the poems, and they bait me

They take the piss so deft, constructively

Reveal those things I flippantly don’t see

Yet have my back, fundamentally.


My agile mind at times so readily coerced

Immaculately robed, such handsome verse

Investing time and weight in every verse

Beauty that can easily perturb.

I love a cast iron roof


I love a cast ireon roof

The way it welcomes rain

For me it is the sound of truth

For some the sounds of pain.


Inspired by Pee Wee Andrew Hewitt Pweeh

Piermont Bridge Hotel

Sydney 2003