Here is a rather telling song I have written. I will load up a performance version shortly when recorded. Originally this was written as a punk song and performed by musicians from the Men of Leith Men’s Shed. I think it works much better as a classic blues number.

Nae Bother Blues

 I got those

Nae Bother Blues

Infiltrate my brain.

 I got those

Nae bother blues

Waste my life with cocaine.

 And if you walk with the Proclaimers

They will consistently proclaim.

 I’ve got those Nae bother blues

That plague the NHS

Let’s loose those nae bother blues

Discard the Brexit pest.

 And if you ask the politicians

They mediocrately protest.

 I got those deep fried nae bother blues

Meal deal obesity pest

I got those morning roll fry up blues

Is this genuine happiness?

And if your hopi’n devolution

Straight separation is best.

But you’ll take the high road

And maybe get there one day

Join the Bay City Rollers

Sing By By baby till ya frey.

 I got those nae bother tartan blues

Avoid the shoulder chip

I got those nae bother angel share blues

Go on gie us a sip.

Cos if it’s nae worki’n now pal

Gae up and gae it the flip.

 Let’s loose those nae bother dinnae care blues

And aim to keep our heed

Let’s loose those nae bother mingin blues

And plan to plant a wee seed.


Coz if we tend the flower of Scotland

We’ll grow just what we need.

Coz if we nurture the flower of Scotland

Lang may your lum reek indeed.

I got those nae bother…………continued