This site has been developed in the spirit of change and friendship. It is a conduit to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues in Australia, whilst developing new relationships in the UK.

Sure it will capture fresh observations from day to day as I rediscover Scotland, yet it is far more than a mere travel log.  Here you genuinely get a bonus in that you witness a reconnection with a land and people left over forty three years ago.  You will enjoy photos and narratives that combined will help shape my new identity.

The image of the young fellow is culled from a photo I took in Paris in 2012.  He exists as an avatar that aptly captures a previous life transition where I resigned from the world of teaching and embraced the world of community.  He has been a great buddy to be on board during that wonderful journey and I invite him to join me again, albeit in a slightly different form, in this new transformation.  His mood of curiosity and capacity to face change head on I find inspirational.

Ask Billy Connolly and he will recite the words of a popular Scottish folk song as “For we're no awa tae bide awa, For we're no awa tae le'e ye. For we're no awa tae bide awa, We'el aye come back and see ye.”  I can picture my Uncle Billy, his big hands dancing over the soft keys of the piano at the Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh, headlining an evening of Scottish Folk songs.  Billy plays with passion and the crowd, with some hearty encouragement from liberal drams of scotch, sing with their heart and soul.  This is their song.

So thinking about returning to Edinburgh stirs up those deep Celtic feelings, and a careful study of the song reveals my true intent, to leave now and at some stage, return to my ain folk in Australia, just as I am now returning to my ain folk in the land of the thistle.

You are invited to join me on a journey of identity..

Well Being!

Alan Forsyth Silcock



All photography provided by Alan Silcock


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